Chances of Getting Data Back through Recovery

Data recovery is a familiar term in the modern days. If somehow data gets deleted from a memory storage device due to some file system or software error, in most cases they could be recovered using some dedicated software. In some rare cases, even hardware based data recovery is possible. With all those data recovery software and companies around, the term is somewhat very familiar to the computer users these days. But how many of us have really wondered what actually goes on inside the disk when a piece of information is deleted; and how is that even recovered back?

Here are some brief insights on the topic.

Reasons data gets lost

Maybe two reasons, accidental or something technical. Accidental deletion in most cases is done by the users themselves, where they delete the files without knowing some important files have been erased with the non-important ones. However, in technical cases the file system can go wrong. Windows basically runs on FAT or NTFS file systems; and some mishap might erase the file allocation information and directories. As a result, the users won’t be able to access a file they need. Such occurrence is very rare, though.

Partitioning attempts gone wrong can delete files from a hard drive. Resizing a partition is kind of difficult; trying without knowing might result in an empty drive.


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Apart from the software related reasons, physical error to drives are also involved. The hard drive which is divided into different portions like platters, PCB, heads etc. – any one of these might do a faulty operation resulting in a corrupted pile of data.

Chances of Getting Data Back through Recovery

There are both good news and bad news. The good news is, the data is recoverable in most cases. The bad news is – good data recovery options aren’t free. Not just they cost money, but in some cases they are really capable of ripping off a wallet. Unless the data is really valuable, it’s not wise to proceed with an expensive recovery.

For software recovery, the internet distributed data recovery software would work. For hardware recovery however, professional help is needed. In either cases detach the hard drive from the system and discontinue using before the recovery process.


Hard drive data recovery is critical, and quite impossible if the drive is in use after the data loss has happened.

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