3 Ways Pinterest Can Help Grow Your Site

There are so many sites and articles on the web nowadays. This means that people are reading less and less of each because they’ve got so much ground to cover. This is why images have taken a front seat where blog traffic is concerned. Your images don’t have to be actual photographs. They can be quotes saved in jpeg format and placed on your blog with your articles. The possibilities then become endless. You no longer have to trawl Google to find someone else’s photograph. Better still, you don’t have to credit anyone. With a small knowledge of ‘Paint’ in Windows, or the ability to upload your images to your Google+ profile etc, you can create great pictures for your own site. With a reported 1090 ‘pinners’ per minute (and growing as we speak), Pinterest has become the number 1 picture sharing site on the Internet. Here are 3 ways Pinterest can help grow your site


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Followers will click through to your blog

People use Pinterest for pinning their dream wedding photos, places they’d like to visit, books they’ve read, art work they’ve created, etc. However more than half the people on Pinterest use the site to gain traffic to their blogs. Bloggers with craft, home decorating, art, craft, clothing sites etc, do very well on Pinterest. They pin their best photos from each post on appropriate boards and sometimes leave a one-line description of what it is and how they’ve achieved the look. People who’re interested in the picture will click through to their site to browse further. You can do this for any blog niche. For example, if you write about gardening, you can pin a picture of a flower you’ve grown, which is attached to a tutorial you did on your blog about how to take care of that particular plant. The possibilities are endless. People who don’t want to read will have a pretty picture to look at. Others who’re interested in your tutorial will read your text – win, win!

Pictures can become viral in minutes

On most social networking sites, you have to be very popular in order for the material you share to go viral. Not so on Pinterest. Your followers will share your picture to their followers, and soon the picture can go viral on the site because hundreds of eyeballs can potentially see it in a matter of minutes. Remember that your pictures don’t always have to be photographs. You can use text or a quote, dress it up and save it in a jpeg format. I do this with one of my blogs, and Pinterest has now become one of my top 10 traffic sources.

You become more creative because you have to think about text and pictures

If you have to optimize text and pictures in every post, your entire blog becomes better. This is because you’re forced to pay more attention to every aspect of what you post. You’re constantly catering to people who like reading text and those who prefer pictures or smaller chunks of work. This makes your site more user-friendly and more sharable. Before Pinterest you connected with people who merely read text and shared this kind of material on their other social networking sites. Pinterest’s popularity now means that there’s yet another source from which you can get traffic, and it’s all from your pictures and nothing else.


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