3 Qualities Of A Popular Blog Post

Do you ever wonder why some of your blog posts become popular and others remain stagnant and never read? They’re all on the same blog. You’re researching them all in the same manner, using your charming ways to express yourself, including helpful information and making sure all your articles pass the tough ‘SEO firewall’ you’ve put in place.

All the above being equal, why then do some of you posts nosedive and others strive? If you check through all your popular articles, I’m sure you’ll find one of, or all three of the following a common thread.


No matter if you’re writing about computers or raising kids, you can tell a story which your readers can relate to. These stories are usually personal ones. What happened to you in your childhood to make you come to the decision? What weird or wonderful thing happened to you yesterday on the train that helped you figure out a problem you had with an aspect of your post? What did you do a few years ago to totally embarrass yourself? (something which later taught you a vital lesson about your chosen blog topic). Your readers want you to give a part of yourself. Every little piece of information you reveal endears them to you. It works. Of course, your story has to relate to the blog post at hand, but if you’re able to capture your readers’ imagination, they’ll respond to you and share your material. You’ll build up a rapport from posts which do this.


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It’s long since been established that contests draw in new and old traffic. We all like getting something for free, even if it’s not something we desperately want – if we get it for free we see it as an achievement. Readers are interested in free e-Books, and if it includes information they can’t get elsewhere, they’ll engage with you. It’s not enough to just give away free items. Your giveaways have to be of value, and/or unique. You’ll find that your posts which did particularly well were the ones in which you gave away something special, something unique, or something fun your readers couldn’t possibly get easily elsewhere.


I don’t recommend writing controversial posts unless you can do it well enough not to lose yourself readers and subscribers. Don’t ever touch religion or politics in controversial posts. ‘Why you should never buy an i-Pad’ is a safe, controversial topic. ‘Why it’s better to be Christian than Muslim’ is definitely not.
Sentimental and funny posts strike a chord with new and old readers alike. People like to be entertained – so the funny ones speak for themselves. Sentimentality on the other hand can affect people deeply, and many people have strong feelings about certain topics. If you touch on a subject they feel strongly enough about, they can’t read it without leaving a comment – and soon you can potentially have a discussion in your comment section.


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